Bath Christmas Market

Bath is definitely up there with one of my favourite places in the UK. Being so close to where I live, I spend a lot of my time there throughout the year, come rain or shine. If you ever find yourself in the South West, Bath needs to be on your list of places to visit. 
Especially at Christmas time; it's a festive wonderland...


London in a Day

I'll admit, this blogpost has been a long time coming. Moving out of home and up to university has been a big adjustment, leaving me with much less spare time than I had anticipated. I'm hoping to change that now that I'm home for Christmas, so here's to many more posts in the coming weeks!

These photos are from way back at the end of September when I went to London to explore for the day with a friend.


Rome Style

When it comes to dressing for the Rome heat, you have to opt for something lightweight, comfortable and most importantly, breathable. 
There's a lot of walking involved in a city break, and unfortunately, exercise tends to be accompanied by sweat. Especially in the 30+ degree heat.
That's where skirts or dresses come in handy. In the famous words of Covergirl, they're easy, breezy, beautiful.


The Colosseum - Rome

I'm back with another post from the scorching summer heat of Rome today. And, inevitably, with it being our first time in the Italian capital, it was mandatory for us to hop on over to the one and only Colosseum.
Unmissable, even from several streets away, but if you are struggling to find it yourself, simply join the flocks of tourists drifting in its general direction.


The Vatican - Rome

You can't go to Rome without paying the Pope a visit at his humble abode, the Vatican. Situated only a short distance from the city centre, you could easily walk there or simply hop on one of the multitude of tour buses roaming the streets.
But whatever you do, don't forget to book a ticket beforehand. Standing in an interminable queue in the midday heat is not desirable in the slightest!
Follow me to discover more of the Vatican...


Arriving in Rome - The Trevi Fountain

Rome certainly has a lot to offer when it comes to magnificent architecture and impressive monuments. Even without intention, you'll find yourself stumbling upon more and more of the cities famous features.
The renowned Trevi Fountain is of course one of Rome's best offerings. One you have to add to your to-do list.
It would be rude not to.


Saint Honorat Island - Photo Diary

For the final instalment of my posts from the South of France, I thought I would share a collection of photos taken in the paradise that is Saint Honorat Island.
Located approximately a mile from Cannes, the boat ride to the island takes only a short time and gives you incredible views of the French Riviera.
The island is only small, making it perfect for those of you who aren't into overly long walks in the scorching heat, and insanely beautiful. Think vineyards, ancient chapels and dreamy, blue water.
Enough to tempt you?


The Home of Perfume - Grasse

Grasse had been up there on our list of places in the South of France that we had to visit. Famous of course for its abundance of perfumeries and wonderful views extending as far as the Cannes waterfront.
It really is a perfume lover's dream, and is guaranteed to convert those of you who don't already love spritzing yourself from head to toe.
Blue skies and rolling hills welcomed us to the town. Follow us to discover more of Grasse...


Oriental Blue - Cannes

Another short but sweet fashion post for you today.
Cannes was definitely a time for playsuits and off the shoulder necklines, which may have become obvious on my Instagram. They're just so easy to throw on and accessorize.
And most importantly, you can be out the door in minutes.


Evening Glow - Cannes

If you thought Cannes was beautiful during the day, you must go and have a wander in the evening when the sun is setting.
As the last of the sunlight begins to falter and darkness ascends, the most breathtaking peachy glow dominates the skyline, fading into a lavender sunset.
One of the most beautiful sunsets ever, right?


Exploring Antibes

You can't go to Cannes without hopping on over to Antibes, the most charming French town imaginable.  
It's only a 30 minute bus ride away and abundant in colourful streets adorned with quaint, pastel shutters. A feature I'm now majorly lusting after for my future house.

Basically, if you appreciate beautiful architecture accompanied by wonderful weather, you need to visit Antibes.
Just don't forget your bikini as you'll want to pay a visit to the beach.


Stripes & Frills - Cannes

If you've never set foot in the South of France (as I hadn't until a couple of weeks ago), I urge you to consider visiting.
Heavenly weather, irresistible food and the most idyllic views around every corner. Cannes truly is my definition of paradise.
The scorching heat does of course mean that little is required in the way of clothing. Definitely give heavy fabrics and layering a miss. I'm sure looking like a sweaty mess amongst the glamorous inhabitants of the French Riviera is not at all desirable.


Passion Fruit Swirls

If you often find yourself wanting a little something to satisfy your sweet tooth, or get those late night cravings kicking in at 9pm, then look no further than these goodies.
Passion fruit swirls. They taste even better than they sound.
Melt in the mouth and perfectly crumbly in texture, these light yet indulgent bites are sure to please any crowd.
My friends devoured them within seconds, as did I.


July Favourites - Splashes of Orange

I know I've swamped you with travel and food posts so far on this blog, so I thought today I'd switch it up a bit.
I've jumped on the beauty bandwagon and decided to collate my July favourites.
 After collecting a few things that I've recently purchased or have been using excessively over the past few weeks, I noticed a slight trend.


Salted Caramel Cupcakes

I'm back with a recipe post today; one that I'm sure a lot of people will love.
I know for a fact that these salted caramel cupcakes went down a treat with my family and friends, and hopefully they will with yours too!
Salted caramel - it sounds so wrong on paper.. but once you've tasted it, the antithetical flavour combination of the sweet caramel and the savoury sea salt unite to create my idea of edible harmony.
Relatively simple to make, pretty to look at and most importantly, completely moreish.


The Royal Palace, Amsterdam

With another day in Amsterdam to relish and a curiosity to visit the abode of the Royals, we headed towards the Royal Palace situated in the very heart of the city, Dam Square. Bustling with tourists and surrounded by shops, cafes and hotels, it really is the place to be in Amsterdam.
Despite the splendour of the building and the crowd of people gathered on its steps, we walked straight past the Palace, only to realise our mistake after about 15 minutes of searching.
Having finally found our destination, we stood in the square admiring the exterior of the Royal Palace, juxtaposed by the intensity of the blue sky.


The Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Having never visited Amsterdam before, we decided that the Rijksmuseum was a tourist hotspot we couldn't miss. After a leisurely morning involving pastries and tea, we strolled over to Museumplein which was only a short walk from our apartment. Home to all of the major museums of Amsterdam, including Van Gogh and the Stedelijk, Museumplein is a lively square heaving with people and photo opportunities.
We were very fortunate with the weather as the sun had decided to come out, greatly appreciated by us Brits.


Arriving in Amsterdam

This is the first of a series of blog posts from my trip to Amsterdam last week. Two of my best friends and I chose to visit as an end of exams celebration, and we couldn't have had a more incredible time in the somewhat infamous European city.
We caught an eye-wateringly early flight with KLM (would highly recommend), and after only 55 minutes found ourselves in the capital. Jumping on the bus to our apartment, we experienced the beauty of Amsterdam's architecture for the very first time, eagerly anticipating the excitement that was to follow.


Berry and Banana Smoothie Recipe

This is one of my go-to breakfast recipes for when I need something quick to make yet still delicious. It's even possible to pre-package the ingredients in a sandwich bag to keep in the fridge overnight. Then all you need to do in the morning is tip it into the blender, give it a whizz and you're good to go. A healthy breakfast to tide you over until lunchtime comes calling.

I most definitely am a breakfast person, but for those of you who can't seem to stomach a huge meal early in the day, this smoothie is the perfect option as it is light but still substantial.


Beyond the Kale, Bath

If you're visiting Bath or of course are a local, then Beyond the Kale should definitely be at the top of your list of healthy restaurants to try!

A welcoming, vegan juice bar and cafĂ© tucked into the corner of Green Park Station. What more could a superfood loving, healthy food obsessive like me want? Admittedly, Bath doesn't compare with London when it comes to healthy restaurant spots but Beyond the Kale more than makes up for this dearth. And to tempt you further, you can rest assured that everything is organic; a luxury that most cannot afford day to day.


Everyday Makeup Routine

It's officially summer, and even though it might not necessarily feel like it here in England, it is the perfect time to rejuvenate your makeup routine. Put away the heavy foundations and adopt lightweight, glow-inducing products. I've collated my current favourites which I use to create a natural look that I wear virtually everyday.

It takes minimal time to apply and with the right preparation can last all day long. This is ideal for someone like me who has long suffered with highly oily skin. After all, who wants mascara running down their cheeks and sliding, patchy foundation?


Banana and Nutella Extravaganza

I thought I would kick-start this blog with a recipe post; a banana and Nutella celebration cake I knocked together for my brother's birthday recently.

I know what you're all thinking - how calorific?!
Admittedly, this cake isn't the equivalent of a salad but remember that when it comes to cake, calories don't count (or at least this is what I tell myself)! Enjoyed as an occasional treat, this recipe combines  number of my favourite ingredients: banana, hazelnuts and of course the infamous Nutella.