Passion Fruit Swirls

If you often find yourself wanting a little something to satisfy your sweet tooth, or get those late night cravings kicking in at 9pm, then look no further than these goodies.
Passion fruit swirls. They taste even better than they sound.
Melt in the mouth and perfectly crumbly in texture, these light yet indulgent bites are sure to please any crowd.
My friends devoured them within seconds, as did I.


July Favourites - Splashes of Orange

I know I've swamped you with travel and food posts so far on this blog, so I thought today I'd switch it up a bit.
I've jumped on the beauty bandwagon and decided to collate my July favourites.
 After collecting a few things that I've recently purchased or have been using excessively over the past few weeks, I noticed a slight trend.


Salted Caramel Cupcakes

I'm back with a recipe post today; one that I'm sure a lot of people will love.
I know for a fact that these salted caramel cupcakes went down a treat with my family and friends, and hopefully they will with yours too!
Salted caramel - it sounds so wrong on paper.. but once you've tasted it, the antithetical flavour combination of the sweet caramel and the savoury sea salt unite to create my idea of edible harmony.
Relatively simple to make, pretty to look at and most importantly, completely moreish.


The Royal Palace, Amsterdam

With another day in Amsterdam to relish and a curiosity to visit the abode of the Royals, we headed towards the Royal Palace situated in the very heart of the city, Dam Square. Bustling with tourists and surrounded by shops, cafes and hotels, it really is the place to be in Amsterdam.
Despite the splendour of the building and the crowd of people gathered on its steps, we walked straight past the Palace, only to realise our mistake after about 15 minutes of searching.
Having finally found our destination, we stood in the square admiring the exterior of the Royal Palace, juxtaposed by the intensity of the blue sky.


The Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Having never visited Amsterdam before, we decided that the Rijksmuseum was a tourist hotspot we couldn't miss. After a leisurely morning involving pastries and tea, we strolled over to Museumplein which was only a short walk from our apartment. Home to all of the major museums of Amsterdam, including Van Gogh and the Stedelijk, Museumplein is a lively square heaving with people and photo opportunities.
We were very fortunate with the weather as the sun had decided to come out, greatly appreciated by us Brits.


Arriving in Amsterdam

This is the first of a series of blog posts from my trip to Amsterdam last week. Two of my best friends and I chose to visit as an end of exams celebration, and we couldn't have had a more incredible time in the somewhat infamous European city.
We caught an eye-wateringly early flight with KLM (would highly recommend), and after only 55 minutes found ourselves in the capital. Jumping on the bus to our apartment, we experienced the beauty of Amsterdam's architecture for the very first time, eagerly anticipating the excitement that was to follow.


Berry and Banana Smoothie Recipe

This is one of my go-to breakfast recipes for when I need something quick to make yet still delicious. It's even possible to pre-package the ingredients in a sandwich bag to keep in the fridge overnight. Then all you need to do in the morning is tip it into the blender, give it a whizz and you're good to go. A healthy breakfast to tide you over until lunchtime comes calling.

I most definitely am a breakfast person, but for those of you who can't seem to stomach a huge meal early in the day, this smoothie is the perfect option as it is light but still substantial.


Beyond the Kale, Bath

If you're visiting Bath or of course are a local, then Beyond the Kale should definitely be at the top of your list of healthy restaurants to try!

A welcoming, vegan juice bar and cafĂ© tucked into the corner of Green Park Station. What more could a superfood loving, healthy food obsessive like me want? Admittedly, Bath doesn't compare with London when it comes to healthy restaurant spots but Beyond the Kale more than makes up for this dearth. And to tempt you further, you can rest assured that everything is organic; a luxury that most cannot afford day to day.