Rome Style

When it comes to dressing for the Rome heat, you have to opt for something lightweight, comfortable and most importantly, breathable. 
There's a lot of walking involved in a city break, and unfortunately, exercise tends to be accompanied by sweat. Especially in the 30+ degree heat.
That's where skirts or dresses come in handy. In the famous words of Covergirl, they're easy, breezy, beautiful.


The Colosseum - Rome

I'm back with another post from the scorching summer heat of Rome today. And, inevitably, with it being our first time in the Italian capital, it was mandatory for us to hop on over to the one and only Colosseum.
Unmissable, even from several streets away, but if you are struggling to find it yourself, simply join the flocks of tourists drifting in its general direction.


The Vatican - Rome

You can't go to Rome without paying the Pope a visit at his humble abode, the Vatican. Situated only a short distance from the city centre, you could easily walk there or simply hop on one of the multitude of tour buses roaming the streets.
But whatever you do, don't forget to book a ticket beforehand. Standing in an interminable queue in the midday heat is not desirable in the slightest!
Follow me to discover more of the Vatican...


Arriving in Rome - The Trevi Fountain

Rome certainly has a lot to offer when it comes to magnificent architecture and impressive monuments. Even without intention, you'll find yourself stumbling upon more and more of the cities famous features.
The renowned Trevi Fountain is of course one of Rome's best offerings. One you have to add to your to-do list.
It would be rude not to.