The Vatican - Rome

You can't go to Rome without paying the Pope a visit at his humble abode, the Vatican. Situated only a short distance from the city centre, you could easily walk there or simply hop on one of the multitude of tour buses roaming the streets.
But whatever you do, don't forget to book a ticket beforehand. Standing in an interminable queue in the midday heat is not desirable in the slightest!
Follow me to discover more of the Vatican...

As may be expected, the Vatican is bursting with extravagance and beauty.
Every building is a feast for the eyes. Sleek stone, arched windows and an abundance of ornate detailing.

And that's just the exterior. Take a look inside..

From the inside of the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel, you can indulge in unparalleled views of Rome in its entirety.

The city spreads out beneath you, doused in the undulating rays of sunlight.

Literally every aspect of the Vatican Museum's interior is jaw-dropping.

Vibrantly painted ceilings embellished with shades of the purest gold?

Lengthy hallways, elaborately decorated and completely symmetrical?

The ceilings definitely steal the show in the lead up to entering the Sistine Chapel.
Displaying some of the Renaissance period's most influential works of art, the domed ceilings are illuminated in the most beautiful, golden lighting.

Quite the contrast to the minimalist d├ęcor popular today, the spirited colours and elaborate images are really something to admire.

Unfortunately, once inside the Sistine Chapel, photos are disallowed, meaning I can't show you any of Michelangelo's breathtaking paintings depicted on the ceiling.
All the more reason to visit yourself, I suppose.

Having explored every inch of the Vatican interiors, we headed out into the grounds for a breath of fresh air. Or rather stuffy air, given the 35 degree heat.

Of course, it was necessary to twirl around for a few photos in front of the ever so famous Vatican buildings. They speak for themselves really; just so beautiful.

After spending our fair share of time idolizing all that the Vatican had to offer, we decided to walk back to our hotel through the very photogenic streets of Rome.

Finding many dreamy Italian houses and restaurants along the way.

Rome is definitely a city where you find yourself stumbling upon random landmarks you didn't even realise were in the area. Or that might just be our poor map reading skills.
Anyhow, we soon recognised this impressive, bustling square as Piazza Navona.

We had failed to find it earlier in the week, but its energetic and boisterous atmosphere alone makes it worth a visit.
A great spot for a bite to eat later in the evening if you find yourself in the area.

Another jam-packed day in the wonderful city that is Rome.
If you didn't already get the gist, I think you need to visit Italy's capital.


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