Saint Honorat Island - Photo Diary

For the final instalment of my posts from the South of France, I thought I would share a collection of photos taken in the paradise that is Saint Honorat Island.
Located approximately a mile from Cannes, the boat ride to the island takes only a short time and gives you incredible views of the French Riviera.
The island is only small, making it perfect for those of you who aren't into overly long walks in the scorching heat, and insanely beautiful. Think vineyards, ancient chapels and dreamy, blue water.
Enough to tempt you?


The Home of Perfume - Grasse

Grasse had been up there on our list of places in the South of France that we had to visit. Famous of course for its abundance of perfumeries and wonderful views extending as far as the Cannes waterfront.
It really is a perfume lover's dream, and is guaranteed to convert those of you who don't already love spritzing yourself from head to toe.
Blue skies and rolling hills welcomed us to the town. Follow us to discover more of Grasse...


Oriental Blue - Cannes

Another short but sweet fashion post for you today.
Cannes was definitely a time for playsuits and off the shoulder necklines, which may have become obvious on my Instagram. They're just so easy to throw on and accessorize.
And most importantly, you can be out the door in minutes.


Evening Glow - Cannes

If you thought Cannes was beautiful during the day, you must go and have a wander in the evening when the sun is setting.
As the last of the sunlight begins to falter and darkness ascends, the most breathtaking peachy glow dominates the skyline, fading into a lavender sunset.
One of the most beautiful sunsets ever, right?


Exploring Antibes

You can't go to Cannes without hopping on over to Antibes, the most charming French town imaginable.  
It's only a 30 minute bus ride away and abundant in colourful streets adorned with quaint, pastel shutters. A feature I'm now majorly lusting after for my future house.

Basically, if you appreciate beautiful architecture accompanied by wonderful weather, you need to visit Antibes.
Just don't forget your bikini as you'll want to pay a visit to the beach.


Stripes & Frills - Cannes

If you've never set foot in the South of France (as I hadn't until a couple of weeks ago), I urge you to consider visiting.
Heavenly weather, irresistible food and the most idyllic views around every corner. Cannes truly is my definition of paradise.
The scorching heat does of course mean that little is required in the way of clothing. Definitely give heavy fabrics and layering a miss. I'm sure looking like a sweaty mess amongst the glamorous inhabitants of the French Riviera is not at all desirable.