Exploring Antibes

You can't go to Cannes without hopping on over to Antibes, the most charming French town imaginable.  
It's only a 30 minute bus ride away and abundant in colourful streets adorned with quaint, pastel shutters. A feature I'm now majorly lusting after for my future house.

Basically, if you appreciate beautiful architecture accompanied by wonderful weather, you need to visit Antibes.
Just don't forget your bikini as you'll want to pay a visit to the beach.

If Antibes wasn't already selling itself enough, there are countless outdoor markets to add to the equation.
Bursting with life and full of fresh produce, they really do make you feel like a local and are sure to resolve any grumbling stomachs.

We continued to wander the cobbled streets, snooping through the independent shops and admiring the dazzling hanging baskets.

They couldn't get much more impressive.

The most beautiful street strung with vibrantly coloured bunting.

We then headed to Le Clemenceau in the heart of the town for a spot of lunch.

We opted for crepes, which were delicious but very filling. All washed down with a thirst quenching iced coffee. 

Slightly overpriced but the lovely setting just about made up for it.

Having satisfied our cravings, we made a beeline for the sandy planes of one of Antibes' breathtaking beaches.
Heaving with people eager to revel in the intense heat, we joined the crowds and settled down on the sand to relax, alternating between the beach and the refreshing water.

If you stroll up a small hill and pass the ice cream van, you'll stumble upon a large expanse with incredible views of the coastline.

The azure sky dominating the Mediterranean backdrop makes it the ideal place for photo opportunities; a lovely memento to remember your time spent in the town.  

Having soaked up more than enough sun, we traipsed back through Antibes' quirky streets in search of gifts for family members and a hint of shade.

We made the most of Antibes' beauty before picking up some amenities and travelling back to our apartment in Cannes.
After a jam packed day, we decided to give going out a miss and prepared dinner at home using simple, fresh ingredients. 

And of course we didn't forget the wine.

Who could forgo French wine when you're in the country? It's basically an essential (for us at least).

More French adventures to follow in the coming days...


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