Evening Glow - Cannes

If you thought Cannes was beautiful during the day, you must go and have a wander in the evening when the sun is setting.
As the last of the sunlight begins to falter and darkness ascends, the most breathtaking peachy glow dominates the skyline, fading into a lavender sunset.
One of the most beautiful sunsets ever, right?

Throughout the summer months, a number of themed firework displays occur over La Croisette, the main beach in Cannes. Each display is based on a particular country and on the night we ventured down to the waterfront, it was Finland.

If you're currently in Cannes or are going to be in the next week, then I would urge you to attend the display on the 24th of August which celebrates the Czech Republic.
It will be a stunning, unforgettable experience.

We arrived early with the fireworks scheduled for a 10pm start. However, the views  of Cannes and the surrounding coastline are enough to entertain for hours on end.
Eventually the sky darkened, turning from lavender to a deep wine colour, and the show began.

As you may anticipate, huge clusters of people gathered. Phones and cameras were all set to capture even just a glimpse of the evening's beauty.
Bright sparks exploded in the blackened sky, producing the most spectacular display.

The lights of the city and its many yachts glimmered, adding to the already magical evening.
Everyone stood in awe of what was happening above them, taking in every moment. 

The show lasted around 40 minutes, throughout which there was never a boring moment.
The amount of money ploughed into the display was evident, and it didn't disappoint.

The best ending to a day spent in the Cannes sunshine. We wandered home, discussing our favourite parts of the firework display and dreaming about what was to come in the following days.  

If you ever get the opportunity to visit Cannes, add this to your to-do list. And make sure to tick if off.


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