Beyond the Kale, Bath

If you're visiting Bath or of course are a local, then Beyond the Kale should definitely be at the top of your list of healthy restaurants to try!

A welcoming, vegan juice bar and cafĂ© tucked into the corner of Green Park Station. What more could a superfood loving, healthy food obsessive like me want? Admittedly, Bath doesn't compare with London when it comes to healthy restaurant spots but Beyond the Kale more than makes up for this dearth. And to tempt you further, you can rest assured that everything is organic; a luxury that most cannot afford day to day.

Flanked with stands of vibrantly ripe fruit and veg, upon entering you'll find a counter full of decadent yet guilt-free treats and several quaint, wooden tables adorned with fresh flowers. Take a look at the menu which is abundant in fresh juices, blends and superfood boosters, as well as a variety of breakfast and lunch options.

We both opted for the wraps, on the glowing recommendation of a friend, and were highly impressed. I chose the falafel option which was stuffed to the brim with tabbouleh, slaw and a creamy, tahini sauce.
My friend went for the roasted Mediterranean vegetable wrap, which she assures me was delicious. If you're not into wraps, there were also a number of salad bowls available, along with the hot specials of the day, which included vegan curries, quiches and even pizzas on occasion.
^ That's us devouring our food in all its glory!
I followed the wrap with the most incredible hot chocolate I've ever tasted. I still can't comprehend the fact that it was completely vegan. Made from a simple combination of almond milk, raw cacao powder and Medjool dates, even a rich, creamy Cadbury's hot chocolate topped with whipped cream and marshmallows could not compare. Just look at that froth!
We left with full stomachs and smiling faces, content in the knowledge that we will definitely be returning to Beyond the Kale for more insanely delicious, plant-based food. A must try if you find yourself in the area!


  1. I love it! I also recently did a blog post on this place and I can honestly say that it's one of my favourites in Bath :D x

    1. Thank you lovely! The food is amazing, I definitely need to go back next month! x