Arriving in Amsterdam

This is the first of a series of blog posts from my trip to Amsterdam last week. Two of my best friends and I chose to visit as an end of exams celebration, and we couldn't have had a more incredible time in the somewhat infamous European city.
We caught an eye-wateringly early flight with KLM (would highly recommend), and after only 55 minutes found ourselves in the capital. Jumping on the bus to our apartment, we experienced the beauty of Amsterdam's architecture for the very first time, eagerly anticipating the excitement that was to follow.

We chose to stay in an Airbnb, which was great value for money and perfect for those who wish to feel like a local. Our apartment was bright, comfortable and spacious enough for the three of us, with our host being super welcoming and informative. It was located in the lovely neighbourhood of De Pijp, which was only a short walk from Museumplein and bursting with places to explore. I couldn't recommend it enough really, so take a look over on the Airbnb website if you're looking for a place to stay!
 We were even provided with a tin of complementary Stroopwafels, which are a new favourite of mine; so much so that I brought a couple of packets home with me. You can find them all over the city so be sure to try one if, like me, you've got a major sweet tooth!
We had beautiful views from the large, illuminating windows and couldn't resist admiring the Renaissance architecture which the city is renowned for.
 Not wanting to waste any of our precious time there, we rapidly set down our luggage and headed out to wander through the canal-lined streets. With over one hundred kilometres of canals and nearly as many bikes as there are residents, you won't be short of fast and efficient transport options.
 Traversing the streets and countless bridges, whilst narrowly avoiding the abundance of cyclists, we found our bearings and discovered Musuemplein. This is where you can get your snap in front of (or on top of) the ever so popular I Amsterdam sign. It's certainly difficult to get a picture without another tourist intruding, but if you're patient, it's possible.
 You'll shortly stumble upon the stunningly ornate building housing the Rijksmuseum. Grand in every sense of the word, it should definitely be on your to-do list, but more of that another day.
We picked up our Museum Cards, which are definitely worth purchasing if you're planning on visiting a number of Amsterdam's many museums, and made a beeline for the Stedelijk. 
 Accommodating thousands of pieces of modern and contemporary art, the striking building is immensely fitting. Imposing yet in complete harmony with its surroundings.
We wandered through the building whilst praising the eclectic collection of art, comprising of every notable movement of the 20th and 21st Centuries.
 ^ Looking overtly chuffed upon finding Mondrian's bold, primary-coloured offerings, which we studied in primary school.
 The modern fa├žade of the building is juxtaposed by the regality and grandeur of the inner architecture. Bright and airy, the staircase is reminiscent of that classic Princess Diaries scene which I was so obsessed with as a child.
Experimental and innovative, you won't be short of pieces to strike a pose in front of.
^ See, they couldn't get enough.
 Content in the knowledge that we had seen all that the Stedelijk had to offer, we came outside to beautifully warm weather and decided to spend the remainder of the day relaxing in and relishing all of Amsterdam's beauty.

By this point, it was without a doubt that I had fallen in love with Amsterdam!
Report back soon for more of our adventures.


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