Urban Space NYC

Another foodie post coming your way today. Typical Ella, although there is a bit of fashion thrown in as well for that added variety. Before going to New York, you can rest assured that Flo and I did a lot of research into places we wanted to visit and eat. And when I say a lot, I mean a lot. 

Urban Space was one of the last spots we wanted to tick off our (very long) list. A sort of indoor food festival that Flo had seen on Instagram, Urban Space is located on 45th street just off 5th Avenue, and the cherry on top, it's there all year round.


Distillery District Christmas Market

Just as a brief break from my New York posts, and given that Christmas is well and truly over *cries*, I thought I would post my pictures from the Toronto Christmas market.
Open from mid-November to just before Christmas, we took the opportunity just before exams to head on over to Toronto for a weekend. 
Being a typical Canadian winter, we made sure we wrapped up very, very warm.


Autumn Morning in New York

Another post from New York for you today, and another delicious brunch option. Because when is food not on my mind? Tired from travelling the previous day, we leisurely spent the morning slowly getting ready before heading out into the warm Autumnal weather. 
We headed to the Lower Manhattan location of Jack's Wife Freda, situated on Lafayette Street. Having heard so many raving reviews of the American-Meditteranean eatery, I was eager to drag my friends along for one of many amazing meals in New York.


Liberty Island

Next on our New York bucket list had to be the Statue of Liberty. A must see for anyone's first time in the Big Apple, although I wouldn't necessarily visit the landmark again.  
It's a one time kind of thing.
After our delicious breakfast from The Butcher's Daughter, which I spoke about in my previous post, we headed to the harbour, hopped on a ferry and were soon heading towards Ellis Island. 


The Butcher's Daughter - Brunch in NYC

My first of many posts from New York, and what better way to kick them off than with a food review of none other than The Butcher's Daughter. You may have heard of them before with their popularity soaring over recent years, but if not, you should definitely pay them a visit. 
The most insta-worthy brunch location I've ever had the pleasure of visiting...