The Home of Perfume - Grasse

Grasse had been up there on our list of places in the South of France that we had to visit. Famous of course for its abundance of perfumeries and wonderful views extending as far as the Cannes waterfront.
It really is a perfume lover's dream, and is guaranteed to convert those of you who don't already love spritzing yourself from head to toe.
Blue skies and rolling hills welcomed us to the town. Follow us to discover more of Grasse...

We arrived in the early afternoon with plans to meet a friend for dinner. After jumping off the highly affordable bus, we decided to explore the rustic streets of Grasse.

The buildings are painted in wonderful pastel hues, bordering the palm tree lined paths. The afternoon heat rises from the pavement, tangible wherever you wander.

One of Grasse's main treasures is inevitably its incredible hilltop views of the surrounding area, however, let's not forget the most important event.

The home of perfume all over the world, Fragonard.

Created in 1926 by Eugène Fuchs, Maison Fragonard was once the perfume factory but has since become Grasse's key attraction.

Guided tours allow you to discover the entire process of creating the heavenly perfumes, from flower selection to bottling the liquids.
A knowledgeable guide told us all you could need to know about the process, teaching us to detect particular scents and showing us all of the beautiful packaging.

Row after row of the stuff. Of course, we couldn't resist and treated ourselves and friends to our favourite scents.

Just look at the intricately decorated packaging, and those Beauty and the Beast reminiscent roses.
Definitely pay Fragonard a visit if you find yourself in the close vicinity.

Both wearing our newest Cannes purchases. Floaty, floral dresses, perfect for keeping as cool as possible in the heat.

Admiring the contrast between the burnt orange walls, and the duck egg doors and shutters. Oh and there's a balcony adorned with potted plants.

House goals.

Having appreciated our fair share of French architecture, which never fails to impress, and smelling enough perfume to last a lifetime, we headed for a lovely al fresco dinner in the heart of Grasse.

Another French town to add to your bucket list.


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