London in a Day

I'll admit, this blogpost has been a long time coming. Moving out of home and up to university has been a big adjustment, leaving me with much less spare time than I had anticipated. I'm hoping to change that now that I'm home for Christmas, so here's to many more posts in the coming weeks!

These photos are from way back at the end of September when I went to London to explore for the day with a friend.

Having not been to the capital many times, despite the train journey only being an hour and a half, we headed straight for the renowned Borough of Camden. 
A bustling part of London bursting with shops, food and people.
We stumbled upon this lovely indoor market, complete with red walls and intricate metal work. 
Let's not forget the abundance of market stalls, selling everything from handmade jewellery to quirky prints and birthday cards. 
We discovered a small shop nestled in the corner of the building selling these beautiful, iridescent lanterns. They adorned every wall and ceiling, bathing the room in a kaleidoscope of colours.
Wondering further through Camden Lock, we couldn't resist the cronut stall which instantly caught our eye... and our noses. 
They had all sorts of flavour combinations on offer. Some of the most tempting included peanut butter and jam, Nutella and the one we opted for, toffee and pistachio.
I'd recommend it any day. Sticky and sweet with that added crunch from the pistachios. 
(Excuse the chipped nail polish)!
Having satisfied our appetites, we continued to wander around Camden. Unable to escape the never ending supply of food, we stumbled upon a packed market area crammed with a huge variety of food stalls.
Definitely a cuisine available for everyone!
Friends gathered around tables, indulging in weekend brunches and enjoying their time off from work. It was such a lovely atmosphere.
The weather was rather temperamental this particular day; bright one minute and downcast the next. Therefore, I opted for a simple outfit consisting of all black with a pop of white from my Adidas trainers and a splash of colour from my aztec printed top, which I've featured before.
This graffiti wall immediately caught our eye and we couldn't resist taking a couple of snaps in front of the multitude of colour. 
You're definitely never short of amazing street art in London.
It's hard to believe that the street which features the insane graffiti art is also home to these pastel coloured dream houses. 
Couldn't get closer to Balamory if you tried.
I'm ready to move in. 
I just love the bustling, lively atmosphere which is impossible to avoid when exploring Camden. Every corner you turn, there is something different and exciting to brighten your day.
Definitely a must visit part of the capital!
By this point, it was time for lunch.
I'd never visited before but having heard such glowing reviews, we made a beeline for the Mae Deli, ran by Deliciously Ella, which is situated in Marylebone. 
A light and airy cafe with a Scandinavian vibe, perfect for a healthy bite to eat. 
With such an enticing array of food on offer, we both found it difficult to choose. 
However, I eventually settled for a salad bowl consisting of asian greens, tahini roasted cauliflower, falafels and perfectly spiced sweet potato. 

Annabel also chose a salad bowl, opting for a combination of asian greens, artichoke and mediterranean veg, mixed leaves and perfectly cooked salmon with lemon.
All equally delicious and bursting with flavour!
To accompany our food, we both also ordered an iced matcha latte which we'd always wanted to try. 
Completely delicious and so good for you!
And to top it all off, we had to order the carrot cake. Moist cake with a slight crunch from the walnuts, contrasted by the smooth and creamy icing. 
Simply incredible and the one thing you shouldn't miss if you ever visit. 
Difficult to believe that this was all completely vegan and healthy. Even those who usually turn their nose up at the healthy eating scene would not be disappointed.
We spent the rest of the afternoon wandering around Covent Garden, another lovely part of London, finishing up the evening with a couple of cocktails.
You have to try the Bramble Mojitos we got at Bill's. A delectable mixture of rum, blackberry, mint and lime.
The perfect end to a wonderful day in London.
Hopefully I'll be back soon!


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